Highlighting Your Key Skills

Having trouble highlighting your key skills on your CV and cover letter? Want to know what skills you should be bringing attention to when applying for jobs? Below you will find some easy ways that will help you to easily and effectively highlight your key skills so that you are matching what the Australian employer […]

Resume Australian Templates – Proven to Find Jobs in Australia

How would you know whether your Australian resume is up to scratch? One way to tell is whether you are receiving any response from your Australian job search. Another way to tell is, if you are receiving a response, is it positive? In most cases, if you have been searching for jobs in Australia for […]

Our Australian Resume Templates Are Getting Interviews!

Our Resume templates Australia are selling like hot cakes!  It’s no wonder- these resume templates are some of the most high-impact, competitive resume templates you will find anywhere for Australia. The range of Australian resume templates you will find at www.ResumeAustralia.net have been created based on years of research on what Australian employers like and […]

ResumeAustralia Templates – Testimonials

All 14 Resume Australia templates have been tested in the Australian job market and have proven to be successful in gaining more positive responses from job seeker’s job applications in Australia.

Why Australian Resumes Are Different

Resume Australia appreciates that Australians have funny accents, live with a lot of the deadliest creepy crawlies in the world, and that the water in their sinks and toilets goes down the wrong way.  It’s no wonder resumes in Australia are different too. We are here to ensure that you put your best foot forward […]